7 Directions — EOY lists


Really pleased to see 'Nkisi — 7 Directions' in several EOY lists for 2019!  



"Nkisi conjures a sort of introspective hypnotism through each of the seven percussive tracks on her full-length debut, all built around brain-rattling Congolese polyrhythms.."



"The seven tracks on 7 Directions run together, mainly, and you can lose track of where you are as you listen. Are there underlying patterns? The design on the cover - based on a symbol in cosmology that denotes cycles, movement, connection, life - suggests so.."


Resident Advisor

"7 Directions feels at once ancient and futuristic. Nkisi's rhythms tap into the eternal beat of Congolese percussion music but the aesthetic presentation is hypermodern.."



"What connected much of the music that felt immediate and important this year was an almost obsessive concern with the quotidian. This is music intended for the dancefloor that will insinuate itself into your day-to-day existence and that doesn’t shy away from the mundane. As a result, it’s music that collapses the assumed separation between art and life, interfacing with personal and sonic histories as it seeks to shape the present.."


Pop Matters

"Inspired, like all of her work, by Bantu cosmology, the album's main stylistic points can be traced to Congolese rhythms and European rave traditions. Never standing still, 7 Directions shows us glimpses of hard techno, dub, trance, and even gabber lost amidst the unsteadily stable rhythmic foundation and constantly (re)building atmospheres. Based on her research on psychoacoustics, Nkisi has created an unsettling and transporting album. An artifact of elusive, mysterious beauty.."