After a short period of desiccation — announcing 3 Albums + 1 EP + New Site >>


We are back with a quadrilateral drop of releases - Our first three official albums + a four track EP from London Acro Prop duo HXE.


First up — out on August 31st — is 'DJ Tools' from contemporary computer musician 'rkss‘. DJ Tools is made entirely from a sample pack called 'EDM Kicks Vol 1'. rkss has manipulated the packs ‘off the shelf’ sounds using computer music processing techniques and formed them into something perhaps not wholly anticipated by the packs creators..


rkss - DJ Tools (UIQLP001) LP/Digi — Aug 31st

Pre order 'DJ Tools' - here!

Photography by Alessia Gunawan




Into 2018 >>


Nkisi - 7 Directions (UIQLP002) LP/Digi  tbc — Oct 2018


Nkisi sees her first full album land with us on UIQ. ‘7 Directions’ is rooted firmly in the African Cosmology of the Bantu-Kongo and in particular the writings of Kongo scholar Dr Kimbwandende Kia Bunseki Fu-Kiau. Musically we think it’s Nkisi’s most singular record to date - explicitly exploring - via 7 hyper-focused hyper-modern tracks - the incredible polyrhythms of congolese percussion music.


ZULI - Terminal (UIQLP003) / Double LP  tbc — Nov 2018


ZULI presents the double LP ‘Terminal’ - It sees him expanding aspects of his previous EPs into something more localized, personal, vocal and unique. Terminal is part zoned out 'other space' and part extension of ZULI's work in the field of rap with some tracks featuring prominent Egyptian rappers Abyusif, Abanob, Mado $am and R-Rhyme and the mysterious Mecca-based vocalist MSYLMA. 


HXE - INDS 12” (UIQ011) EP/Digi  tbc — Oct 2018


London Acro Prop duo HXE ping the UIQ immunity response systems with a four track EP to round off its lytic cycle in 2018


See you in 2019