rkss — DJ Tools (UIQLP001)


“DJ Tools was recorded at a turning point for me as an artist & person as I came into the aesthetic and social limitations I was finding in contemporary dance culture. I started to change how I thought about myself as an artist in terms of changing the way I created music, instead of writing the music at home and later arranging it for the club, I started writing music for live performance first. I wanted to be able to arrange these pieces/excerpts/sketches live. I was beginning to re-arrange how I thought about my gender / self and placing, exploring and finding the language to point to my sense of difference as a trans person. DJ Tools was where I began to formulate my own relationship to club culture as a mostly sober, transgender person, what version of club music did I want to engage with in that social space? Fluid, dynamic and reacting to audience. Highlighting the social. Sharing & connecting through my difference rather than erasing it.” - rkss


rkss — DJ Tools (UIQLP001) is available here — https://u-i-q.org/releases/rkss-dj-tools


Out 31/08/2018


Music by Robin Buckley

Mastered by Matt Colton at Alchemy

Design – Dave Gaskarth

Web Work – Sam Keating-Fry

Press Photography — Alessia Gunawan