1 — Enantiodromia
2 — Ex Nilalang
3 — Sublimate
4 — Mnemosyne
5 — Hidden In Plain Sight
6 — Dromos


Out 03/06/2021

Written and Produced by Corin Ileto
Mastered by Miles Whittaker
Design — Tristan Jalleh & Dave Gaskarth

“ENANTIODROMIA was completed in the beginning of 2020. I wanted to really hone in on the sound design of each song. I became interested in sound design whilst working in theatre spaces. Focusing on the relation of the sound to the architectural space and audience, How to make sounds ‘dance’ within a space, or at least give the illusion of sound moving within a space”


Each release is thought of as a speculative fiction drawing influence from sci-fi, classical music composition, contemporary club culture and ancestral myths connected to her Filipino heritage.
I was meditating on the current world climate and came to embrace the idea of impermanence. The idea that everything is suspended and in flux - a state of constant change. When something reaches its extreme it materializes into its opposing shadow. Everything hidden comes to the fore. What comes into being must dissolve.” — Corin Ileto

Corin Ileto is a Filipina-Australian electronic producer, composer and performer. With a musical background in classical piano, Ileto works across a broad spectrum ranging from video to theatre. Current projects include Justin Shoulder’s AEON†, a performance/installation work fusing Filipinx myth, puppetry and queer pageantry as ceremony (Liveworks Festival 2020, Sydney Biennale 2020) and also ‘Sky Blue Mythic’ - a performance work by Angela Goh exploring dance as a non-human entity (Sydney Opera House, 2021).