a1 - Accelerate

a2 - Sleep Architecture

a3 - Galactic Tetris

b1 - Fugu

b2 - Hazy One


Out 02/02/2017

12″, DL

Mastered by Matt Colton at Alchemy

Design & video by Dave Gaskarth

Having the honour of inaugurating UIQ with the Wrong Headspace EP, Martin Rokis' 2nd volley feels more pinched and nervy, rolling out with discombobulating effect akin to caffeinated browser window-hopping or being physically rendered as an algorithmic .gif or holographic projection while in the middle of the dance. Depending on your tolerance for vertigo and motion sickness, that sense of quantum instability is entirely pleasurable or quease-inducing. Maybe we were bounced on our heads too much as kids, but we’re definitely in the former set and all up for being turned inside out.