a1 - Iguana Love Bite

a2 - Lonely Is The New Black

b1 - Stuck In A Cube

b2 - Wrong Headspace

Out 11/09/2015

12″ + DL

Mastered by Rashad Becker at D&M

Design by Dave Gaskarth

Martins Rokis is a sound and visual artist based in Riga, Latvia. He works with visuality and sonics in different contexts and forms, exploring multimodality of human perception via installations, performances and works for multichannel systems. Aside from his multimedia activities created under his own name, he also has another project under the moniker N1L, which draws influences from dance music.


With 'Wrong Headspace' N1L marks out tumultuous terrain between 'floors both physical and mental, pursuing the abstract lines of earlier releases and conceptual installations - into four hyper, tessellating geometries of grime, computer music and warped club contours. It's an aerobic mystic sound that's clearly close to Gamble's own fwd-looking aesthetic perceptions. A-side, the rail-gunning snares and xtratropical chords of 'Iguana Love Bite' come off like BLOOM soundtracking a VR rave, whereas 'Lonely Is The New Black' is given to deliquescent jungle deconstruction, accelerating the flashbacks of 'Diversions 1994-1996' into K-hole hyperspace. But just as you begin to grasp N1L's sound, his B-side twysts the other way into lush, chiming techno with the quicksilver time-sig switches and artificial avian calls of 'Stuck In A Cube' and the crushing concrète house swagger of 'Wrong Headspace.