1 — Bite
2 — Banshee, pale fire, landing
3 — Brick Dust
4 — Cornered
5 — Turret
6 — John Mayer
7 — Survival, Leave me alone
8 — Torn Up Body
9 — Quiet at the Riot

Out 10/06/2022

Cassette, DL

Written by Parker Black and Warren Jones
Produced and Engineered by Parker Black
Co-production by Lilith Treglia (s280f)
Mastered by Miles Whittaker
Design — Warren Jones

Hard Industrial B.O.P. was composed from late 2019 to 2021.

“From a basement studio in Brooklyn to bedroom setups in Copenhagen and London, re-entering the states with co-producer and ‘S280F’, and finalized in our home state of Virginia. The arduous and scattered process of Hard Industrial B.O.P. is a commentary in itself of the era. HIB is a cautionary tale, some songs even reference events that hadn't come into existence at the time of their release (see “Torn Up Body” - a temporary death knell for shows). Though slow and at times uncertain we are now ready to present what we consider to be our first fully formed work. In 2022, we are unsure what the world holds, but with the music in hand we will
step forward and outward”

“In 1956 Art Blakey and the Jazz Messengers recorded the album Hard Bop which helped usher in a new era of jazz, the end of bebop’s reign, a response to ‘gimmicks rather than valid developments’ in the music at the time. Hard Industrial B.O.P. is a reaction to the conventional, while maintaining the foundation of sound worship. It seeks scene subversion in the face of overwhelming hypocrisy. Music is the thing, everything else within that environment is accessory, which many have forgotten. In this era, how can we look to space? So many here are held captive within prisons and facilities. What is honesty? Words, gestures, and identities twisted through the perverse lens of a failing system? Who is actually listening?”