a1 - Bow!

a2 - CommProto

a3 - She’s Hearing Voices

b1 - What You Do

b2 - Tongue Chomper

b3 - Foam Home 

Out 03/08/2017



Mastered by Matt Colton at Alchemy

Design & video – Dave Gaskarth

Web Work – Sam Keating-Fry

Egyptian producer ZULI makes a stunning 2nd mark on UIQ with Numbers, a ruggedly chopped but spatially hypersensitive suite of encrypted electronic rhythms and entrancing, mirage-like geometries. 

Boldly committed to his own niche between the folds of grime, techno and electro-acoustic dimensions, ZULI’s follow-up to the Bionic Ahmed EP pushes it’s loping designs into stranger, psychoacoustic spaces within the sound field, finding an idiosyncratic ecology or democracy of frequency that finds room for dense, physical subbass, surreally smeared vocals and coruscating, iridescent motifs amid its morphing dimensions. 

The six tracks exemplify ZULI’s playfully paradoxical approach to club music, experimenting with tessellating dry and fluid textures in the dusty, humid London-via-Cairo swerve of Bow which cranks opens the EP, to investigate metastable techno momentum in the buckling rolige of CommProto, while She’s Hearing Voices feels like a smoking area between rooms, heard in a queasy but lushly spangled state.